& Organizational Change Management

Company & Professional

  • Transformation

    To facilitate cooperation in your organization: tools, methods, performance cycle.

  • Project Management

    Analysis of your projects, coordination of teams and partners, preparation of deliverables, monitoring and indicators.

  • Management support

    By your side to face the multiplicity of challenges. You can share with confidence, test your analyzes and be supported in your actions.

  • Change Management

    To support a crucial phase of your activity.

  • COO

    To quickly optimize, harmonize resources and perpetuate activity.
    An operational manager on assignment or on a timeshare basis.

  • Project Management

    Project management to progress quickly in complete safety.

  • Methods | Tools

    Tailor-made methods and tools to be properly integrated into your organization.

  • Executive Support

    As a leader, you have many challenges to overcome in a tight time. By your side, you can have technical and strategic support daily.

  • Innovation Process

    Product, service or organization, emerge thanks to development techniques and creative cooperation.

  • "We have been working with Iponopi since 2014.
    The first mission concerned our margin calculations and our commercial strategy. We continued with stock tracking and adapting our logistics.
    Our company has grown, Iponopi is by our side for the realization of our new projects in the United States and Japan. "

    LOUISESérie Limitée Louise' Founder | Paris
  • "Iponopi carried out a successful mission for us to optimize the management of administrative tasks. The gain sought was a reduction in costs (time spent).
    Two associated effects quickly emerged: better control of data and significant user comfort. "

    Paul-AndréC.F.O | Insurance Company | Paris
  • "2017, we were at an impasse with a service provider: he was claiming sums that we were contesting. Iponopi intervened and negotiated the dispute. As the contract ran, Iponopi structured a service agreement useful for us and the service provider. rules were fair and easy and we got out of the deadlock. We saved money and avoided legal trails. "

    MagaliManager | Medical Company | Drôme
  • "Laurent has structured our participation in international trade fairs. It is 360 ° support. Careful location, stand creation and logistics. The most interesting, from a commercial point of view, is the work before and after the show: we know what we are presenting, to whom and how.
    After the show, the responsiveness of our teams is structured.
    In a word, a strategy made possible by the organization. "

    GillesDMD | Private Label specialized provider | Île-de-France
  • "At the start of 2017, the company was shaken by strong interpersonal tensions.
    The activity is entirely based on the quality of the teams: the situation was worrying. Iponopi helped us to rethink internal relationships and customer experience. This lively organization of relationships has eased tensions and boosted exchanges. "

    AdrienneDirector of Golf | South of France
  • Laurent Peters was commissioned to work on improving the company's processes and to support the President of the company in her mission to restructure the company: particularly tense and complex context. The mission took place from November 2019 to mid-February 2020. His diagnosis, based on a strong ability to decipher human relationships, and to develop a macro and conceptual vision of the organization, made it possible to propose an inventory based on a relevant look. He then proposed an ambitious solution adapted to the situation. He also supported me with great kindness and timeliness in "touchy" phases of the development of the company's project. His gaze on the situations mainly helped me to get perspective, decipher the complexity of the situation, and to identify in more depth the interpersonal gambling. It was a really important support in an extremely tense and complex phase of the life of the company.

    OliviaCEO | Energy Production & Supply


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