• Needs and expectations

    An interview to formulate your needs and expectations is organized before sessions.

  • Individual Coaching

    PersoPro is an individual support service, offered by Laurent Péters, to face professional challenges.

  • Confidentiality

    this support strengthens you.

  • Our Services – Insight 2 En


    PersoPro was born from numerous interventions in companies.
    Each professional is faced with sometimes conflicting obligations. The support opens a secure space for discussion and global consideration of your challenges with appropriate techniques and strategies.

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  • Session

    The PersoPro session focuses on your challenges and your success. Because professional life sometimes requires quick and well-considered decisions and / or commitments with prospects.

    Before you start: a moment of confidentiality, without a heavy financial commitment, on the phone or face-to-face to get to know, discuss and start to define your goal.
    The sessions: face-to-face, online or by video conference, depending on what suits you best.

    45-minutes session: Price upon request

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    Our Services – Insight EN

To prevent relational tensions
with colleagues,
collaborators or associates.


To prepare for your interviews.


To organize your activity load
and / or exit a cycle
leading to Burn-Out


To make your life easier 360 °
employee, self-employed,
or of independent professional.


To prepare for a professional shift
and/or temporary absence or a
departure on maternity/paternity leave.


PersoPro is targeted support,
made for you
in your daily life context.

Do you have a professional and personal challenge?
I stand-by you individually.
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